Gold Coast Youth Orchestra

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The Gold Coast Youth Orchestra (GCYO) provides a broad range of orchestral and band experiences to complement and enhance the ensemble offerings musicians receive in schools. The GCYO offers a unique experience for young musicians; an offering not readily duplicated. Membership and Placement into an ensemble is done through an independent audition process. Young musicians aged from 8 to 25 years are invited to apply. Every position, in every group is auditioned each year, so new applicants are not disadvantaged; an equal opportunity for all.

Music Excerpts

Music Excerpts to be performed at audition are available here. Auditions approximate 5-minutes and each applicant is invited to play nominated music excerpts, plus 2-minutes of a piece of their own choosing.

Key Dates

  • 1 August 2017: applications open
  • 15 September 2017: applications close
  • 6 October 2017: music excerpts online
  • 21 October 2017: appointment times emailed to STRING musicians
  • 21 October 2017: audition fee due
  • 28 October 2017: appointment times emailed to WIND, BRASS, PERCUSSION, PIANO musicians
  • 4 November 2017: face-to-face auditions at GCYO for STRING musicians
  • 11 November 2017: face-to-face auditions at GCYO for WIND, BRASS, PERCUSSION, PIANO musicians
  • 11 November 2017: all electronic MP4 video auditions due
  • 31 December 2017: audition results emailed
  • 13 January 2018: late auditions; late fee $70
  • 30 January 2018: rehearsals start
  • 30 January 2018: membership fees due

Late Applications

Late applicants can still apply here and will undertake a video audition.

Audition Fee 

Please direct deposit monies ($40 per audition); due 21 October 2017.
BSB: 124 199
Account number: 2030 1230
Reference: musician name

Electronic Auditions

Where a face-to-face audition is not possible due to illness or scheduling conflicts, applicants may submit a pre-recorded Electronic MP4 Video via email to

Further Information: please contact Patricia at or 0423 148 992.