Music Excerpts


Music Excerpts 2018 Entry

Audition Applicants are required to prepare and perform the stipulated Music Excerpts at the audition, as well as a piece (1-2 minutes) of your own choice. Best wishes for a personal best audition!
Little Big BandBig BandString OrchestraJunior SymphonyYouth Symphony
TrumpetLBB TrumpetTrumpetBB TrumpetViolinSO ViolinViolinJS ViolinViolinYS Violin
TromboneLBB TromboneTromboneBB TromboneViolaSO ViolaViolaJS ViolaViolaYS Viola
Alto SaxLBB Alto SaxAlto SaxBB Alto SaxCelloSO CelloCelloJS CelloCelloYS Cello
Bari SaxLBB Bari SaxBari SaxBB Bari SaxDouble BassSO Double BassDouble BassJS Double BassDouble BassYS Double Bass
Tenor SaxLBB Tenor SaxTenor SaxBB Tenor SaxPiano - own choiceFluteFluteFluteYS Flute
GuitarLBB GuitarGuitarBB GuitarClarinetClarinetClarinetYS Clarinet
BassLBB BassBassBB BassBass ClarinetBass Clarinet
DrumsLBB DrumsDrumsBB DrumsOboeOboeOboeYS Oboe
PianoLBB PianoPianoBB PianoBassoonBassoonBassoonYS Bassoon
French HornYS Cello

French HornYS Horn
TrumpetTrumpetTrumpetYS Trumpet
TromboneTromboneTromboneYS Trombone
TubaJS TubaTubaYS Percussion

YS Tuba
PercussionPercussionPercussionYS Percussion
Piano - own choicePiano - own choice