Performance Policy and Concert Dress


Performance Policy

All members are expected to attend every performance. During in-house and public performances, we ask that each member act as an ambassador of the Gold Coast Youth Orchestra.  At all times, the GCYO encourages members to behave in a responsible, cooperative and dignified manner. As a measure of respect for all musicians, the GCYO asks members stay until the conclusion of each concert, performance or event. Thank you! Most importantly ~ ENJOY!

bow tieConcert Dress

Members representing the GCYO at concerts and other events are requested to wear the correct uniform, which includes:

  • Black Shirt: micro-fibre long sleeved, collared and cuffed (YS, JS, BB, LBB) (Lowes offer 5% discount when you advise you are a member of GCYO)
  • White Shirt: micro-fibre long sleeved, collared and cuffed (SO)
  • Black long pant; no denim
  • Black ankle-length skirt with black pantyhose available for females
  • Colored tie (BB, LBB)
  • Black bow tie for boys (SO)
  • Black ribbon at Collar for girls (SO – see Group Volunteer for ribbon)
  • Black socks or pantyhose (please be sure your socks cover your ankles because bare skin stands out!)
  • Black plain dress shoes; no runners

GCYO can have our logo embroidered on your shirt for a donation of $5. Just leave at rehearsal with musician’s name and nominated logo color desired. A 10-day turnaround.

Caution! Footwear for females: all females are asked to wear very modest-height shoe heels. High stilettos or wedges can be unmanageable and susceptible to accident when walking on stage. Play it safe and make a wise choice.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Games Devices

We ask that all members please turn-off mobile phones and electronic game devices during GCYO rehearsals, concerts and events – thanks!

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